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The Center on Frontiers of Computing Studies
Peking University

Email: yixin.zhuang@gmail.com

I finished my undergraduate study at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and received my Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from National University of Defense Technology, China, under the supervision of Prof. Yueshan Xiong. During Ph.D, I spent two years at Washington University in St.Louis as visiting student advised by Prof. Tao Ju. Recently, I was a Boya Postdoctoral Researcher at Peking University, working with Prof. Baoquan Chen.

My research interest mainly includes geometric modeling and processing, geometric deep learning, and image based 3D reconstruction.

Technical Reports

Filtering In Neural Implicit Functions
Yixin Zhuang
arXiv preprint
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Neural Implicit 3D Shapes from Single Images with Spatial Patterns
Yixin Zhuang, Yunzhe Liu, Yujie Wang, Baoquan Chen
arXiv preprint
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PQ-NET: A Generative Part Seq2Seq Network for 3D Shapes
Rundi Wu, Yixin Zhuang, Kai Xu, Hao Zhang, Baoquan Chen
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2020
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Multimodal Shape Completion via Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
Rundi Wu*, Xuelin Chen*, Yixin Zhuang, Baoquan Chen (*equal contribution)
European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), 2020 (Spotlight)
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Surface Remeshing with Robust User-guided Segmentation
Dawar Khan, Dong-Ming Yan, Fan Ding, Yixin Zhuang, Xiaopeng Zhang
Computational Visual Media 2018
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Feature-Aligned Segmentation using Correlation Clustering
Yixin Zhuang, Hang Dou, Nathan Carr, Tao Ju
Computational Visual Media 2017 (Honorable Mentioned Award)
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Deformation-Driven Topology-Varying 3D Shape Correspondence
Ibraheem Alhashim, Kai Xu, Yixin Zhuang, Junjie Cao, Patricio Simari, Hao Zhang
ACM Transaction on Graphics (SIGGRAPH Asia 2015)
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Anisotropic Geodesics for Live-wire Mesh Segmentation
Yixin Zhuang, Ming Zou, Nathan Carr, Tao Ju
Computer Graphics Forum (Pacific Graphics 2014)
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A General and Efficient Method for Finding Cycles in 3D Curve Networks
Yixin Zhuang, Ming Zou, Nathan Carr, Tao Ju
ACM Transaction on Graphics (SIGGRAPH Asia 2013)
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